Unicorn Eyemask With Gel Pad


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◦ Product Name: Unicorn EyeMask With Gel Pad

◦ Material: Cotton and Gel 

◦ Occasion: Travel, Relax, Blindfold, Sleeping Eyeshades 

◦ Type: Eye Mask 

◦ Suit For: Kids, Teens, Men and Women

◦ Size: 9×15 cm

◦ Cover Area: Upper half Face

◦ Comfortable soft sponge padding

◦ Shape: Concave shape so your eyes don touch the inside

◦ Blocks out all light

◦ Maintenance: Wash with Mild detergent 

◦ Washable – Reusable as long as you need

◦ Usage: Perfect for home and travel

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Unicorn EyeMask With Gel Pad – Assorted Print


 Sleep is an extremely precious commodity, snooze it up in style with this adorable eye mask.

∙ Get the benefit of total blank out whether at home, in a hotel, on the plane or when you travel.

∙ Sleep masks aren’t just a fashion statement-you can net some serious sleep mask benefits

 They might help prevent dry eyes.

 They’re cheaper than blackout curtains.

 They improve your sleep quality.

 They can be good for your skin.

 Sleep masks are more than beauty essentials. 

 A good night’s sleep is essential to our health and well being, and a good eye mask can help you block out light to sleep better and get natural sleep.

∙ An eye mask for sleeping has a lot of benefits and can help you drift off more easily.


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