Super Hero’s Cable Protector


◦ Product Name: Super Hero’s Cable Protector

◦ Material: PVC, TPU 

◦ Suit For: IOS cable, Android cable, any Cable

◦ Size/design: 30x30x15 mm 

◦ Protecting and decorating your cable cord

◦ Easy to install

 Items Contain in Package

Package Included: 1 x Super Hero’s Cable Protector

 Key Features:

∙ Cable Protector are accessories for iPhone and android official cables.

∙ Cable Protector Super Heroes attached to your charging cable and appear to be biting onto your smartphone. Their cute expressions will bring a smile to your face while protecting the most sensitive part of your charging cable – where the cord meets the plug. 

∙ Cable Protector are the new mobile accessory you will want to take with you everywhere and show off to your friends!

∙ Protecting and decorating your data lines, these cable seals and saver protectors can also sort out various data lines on your desktop very well, you can easily find the biter you need. These cute cable buddies make the best super hero phone accessories to attach as a phone cord or charger protector

 Easy to install, there is a gap under the cable protector, just put the cable into the gap and push it to the top of the cable

 Any original data cable will break after a period of use. Because it is used too frequently, daily break is a normal phenomenon, but it is also a distress of many Apple fans. The new super hero’s articulator is more secure than the general data protection sleeve. Never fall off and completely protect the thread. Suitable for most transmission lines, no need to buy an original line for a year


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