Pikachu Pokémon Plush Soft Toy


◦ Product Name: Pikachu Pokémon Plush Soft Toy

◦ Material: Plush 

◦ Stuffed Material: Cotton 

◦ Age Group: 2 month onwards 

◦ Suit For: Kids + Teens + All people

◦ Size: 20cm (H)

◦ Tested: Qualified for safety and durability

◦ 100% Washable – Machine/Hand Washable

◦ Multiple functions: Good for playing, study, decorating, home, travel, best companion 

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Pikachu Pokémon Plush Soft Toy

 Key Features:

∙ Plush Soft toys can be your kids best friend, they’re adorable! 

∙ The stuffed characters toys also help with developing you child’s motor skills, social skills and logical thinking. 

∙ Machine/Hand Washable. And do not forget to dry it fully under the sun frequently which helps keep the plush toy soft.

∙ Check our plush toys collection and let your kid’s enjoy it.

∙ Comes with a suction cup, can be used as a hanging toy.

∙ They make for cuddly friends and playmates and liven up your kids’ rooms. 

∙ The Plush Soft Toy are tested and qualified for safety, durability, and fun! 

∙ This Soft Toy is great for playtime, naptime, and anything-you-want time – from birth and beyond. Your little one can safely spend hours snuggling this fluffy friend.

∙ Give you little one a new companion that will hug, comfort, and listen to them. You can choose from our Plush Soft Toy series.


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