Bamboo Fibre Bowl


◦ Product Name: Bamboo Fibre Bowl

 Body Material: Bamboo Fibre

◦ Type: Snacks Bowl, Food Bowl 

◦ Bowl Dimension – L 13 x B 13 x H 4 cm

◦ Suitable: Kids, Teens 

◦ Reusable: Yes

 Items included in package

 Package Included: 1 x Bamboo Fibre Bowl

 Key Features:

 Eco friendly, a way to give children a healthy & happy childhood

∙ Perfect bowl for kids to have organised and mess free meal 

∙ Safe, non toxic, hygienic and durable for storing food

∙ Made from natural, bamboo fibre

∙ This bowl creates fun times for the kids during breakfast, lunch or dinner. The character themed Bowl will be so attractive for kids that they will love to have food in this bowl.

∙ The combined technology has the advantages of moisture absorption, air permeability and easy cleaning. The product is made from bamboo’s natural fibre ingredients. 

∙ Good performance, keeps fresh, natural appearance. 


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