Highlight Color Pen ( Set of 48 Pens )


◦ Product Name: Highlight Color Pen ( Set of 48 Pens )

 Body Material: Plastic

(plastic use: which is safe and healty for human body and environment)

◦ Type: Gel Pen

◦ Pen’s Ink: Gel 

◦ Size: 14.5 cm

◦ Writing Point: 0.1mm

◦ Cartridge color: Multiple 

◦ Cartridge Refill: Changeable 

◦ Pen’s Ink Type: Free-flowing ink 

◦ Ink Color: This package includes 48 pieces of multi-color gel pen There are 12 flash pens, 12 metallic pens and 24 highlight pens. 

◦ Erasable Or Not: Non Eraseable

◦ Novelty: Yes

◦ Feature: feel comfortable,smooth writing, timing 

◦ Usage: crafting, doodling, scrapbooking, hand-made cards, photo albums, journals, sketching, diaries and study notes and more. 

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Highlight Color Pen ( Set of 48 )


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