Guitar Corrector Tape


 Product Name: Guitar Corrector Tape

 Material: Plastic 

 Size: 11x7x2cm

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Guitar Corrector Tape


 Get dry and clean corrections done The tape provides neat and tidy corrections for the errors you make in the notebook while writing. 

 Easy to use This disposable tap comes with a convenient applicator through which we can directly apply the tape over the mistake and can write again.

  The ultra-compact applicator has a protective tip that makes it safe to use and excellent quality materials have been used for making the belt core and tape.

∙ Wide line break proof correction tape in a compact, bright colored applicator

∙ Easy to hold with double coverage for handwritten notes & wide-ruled paper.The high quality belt core, tapes will not flake even we write on it by small pens.

∙ Dry and clean correction tape that allows for immediate writing with no copy/fax shadows

∙ Convenient, disposable, ultra compact applicator with protective tip. (Non-refillable)


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