Glittery Tumbler Straw Sipper


 Product Name: Glittery Tumbler Straw Sipper 

 Material: BPA Free Acrylic

◦ Sipper: Double Walled 

 Size: 20*10.6*6.5cm

 Shape: Semi Straighter 

 Bottle Type: Sipper Tumbler with Straw 

 Drinkware Type: Straight With straw

 Capacity: 460ml

 Style: Glittery 

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Glittery Tumbler Straw Sipper +1 Straw


∙ Clear, big cup mouth which makes it easy to clean

∙ Eco-friendly

∙ Glitter ice sport sipper bottle with straw double wall

This sipper is perfect for the office, road trips, sporting events, bottle for water, milkshakes, and your favourite beverages


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