Unicorn Hair Comb Brush


◦ Product name: Unicorn Hair Comb Brush 

◦ Material: PVC    

◦ Type: Hair Comb Brush

 Design: Unicorn 

◦ Style: Shimmer Star

◦ Size: 17 X 9 X 4 CM

◦ Shape: Star

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Unicorn Star Glitter Hair Brush


∙ Add some sparkle to your day with our cute hairbrushes that you can use on-the-go!

∙ Unique Design Unicorn Hair Comb Brush – Made of fine quality material, well designed bristle makes this hair brush easy to clean and maintain

∙ Unicorn hair brush can be easily stored in purse or vanity pouch easily to carry while travelling

∙ It conveniently fits into bags or purses and can be used on dry or wet hair.

∙ Unique lightweight curved handle and bristles are ergonomically designed to work easily, gently unravelling even the toughest tangles! 

∙ It can be used for all hair types whether curly, straight, frizzy, dry, coarse or damaged.

∙ You can also use these for a nice head massage or as a haircomb for a comfortable and pleasant combing experience.

∙ Ideal gift for girls, unicorn birthday gift, best return gift for girls, gift for all age group


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