Deer, Bear or Bunny Portable Hand Fan With Phone Stand


◦ Product Name: Deer Bear Bunny Portable Hand Fan with Phone Stand

◦ Material: ABS Plastic

◦ Controlling Mode: Manual

◦ Air supply mode: Rotary Vane

◦ Power Source: USB

◦ Type: Portable Hand fan, Ventilation Fan

◦ Wind Type: Standard Wind

◦ Power (W):4W

◦ Rotary Vane Quantity: 5

◦ Input: DC5V-0.3A

◦ Light: No

◦ Usage: Outdoor, Travel, Home

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Hand Fan + 1 Usb cable + 1 Phone Stand

 Key Features:

 ∙ ABS environmental protection materials. 

 ∙ The wind is strong and does not hurt the hand. And noise less.

 ∙ Elegant appearance, light and convenient, durable power, cool and quiet, easy to carry.

 ∙ Comes along with USB cable to charge the fan when ever battery is down

 ∙ Long lasting Life


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