Colourful Tic Tac Hair Clips (Pack of 8)


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 Product Name: Colourful Tic Tac Hair Clips

 Material: Metal  (Premium Quality)

 Product Size: 0.5*1.89 inch

 Product Occasion: Casual, Vacation, Festival, Party, DailyUse, etc

 Usage: Hair Styling, Hair Pin, Side Pins

 1 Set/Pack/Card Contain 8 Assorted Colourful Tic Tac Hair Clips

 Items included in package

Package Includes : 1 x Colourful Tic Tac Hair Clips

Key Feature: 

 You will get 8 pcs of tic-tac hair pins in a card all of assorted colours

∙ These are made of premium quality thick metal coated with colour for anti-rust.

∙ These clips are extremely cute and will look adorable when matched with your child’s outfit.

∙ Made of premium quality material, so do not worry about quality.

∙ These are best for kids as the size is small, also women and girls can use it for hair styling.

∙ These are tight grip pins, so that it won’t slip down your toddler’s fine hair.

∙ Scalp friendly, No hair breakage and very comfortable to wear.

∙ You can pair these with any casual clothes also can be paired with dresses for special occasions.

∙ These are travel friendly and so you can carry them in your handbags, side slings, travel pouches, tote bags makeup kits etc. It is made of premium quality and so it has high endurance. one can carry them everywhere without getting worried about its breakage or spoilage of your hair


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