Colourful Five Bobby Hair Pins (VPRGY) (Set of 30 pins)


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 Product Name: Colourful Five Bobby Hair Pins (VPRGY) (Set of 30 pins)

 Material: Alloy Metal  (Premium Quality)

 Product Size: About 6.2 x 0.3 x 0.1cm

 Product Occasion: Casual, Vacation, Festival, Party, DailyUse, etc

 Usage: Hair Styling, Hair Pin, Side Pins

 1 Set (Card) Contain 30 Five Color (Violet, Pink, Rose, Aqua Green, Yellow) Colour Bobby Hair Pins

 Items included in package

Package Includes : 1 x Colourful Five Bobby Hair Pins (VPRGY) (Set of 30 pins)

Key Feature: 

 High-quality metal makes it tough, durable, reusable and not easy to deform

∙ Add a hint of color to your style with these delightful bobby pins.

∙ Perfect for pulling back unruly strands, securing up-dos, pinning braids, and for endless on-the-go options.

∙ Keep these travel-friendly hairpins in your gym bag or purse for ultimate convenience.

∙ Our five Color Bobby hair pins are the simplest hair accessories that add style and grandeur to the hair. They are a great way to get a classic look that everyone admires. 

∙ Whether the hair is dull, grey, sticky or frizzy, styling with pins can never go wrong.

∙ They always look good and stylish so you can depend on them for hair care.


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