Car Sphere Mini Storage Box – Assorted


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 Product Name: Car Sphere Mini Storage Box – Assorted

 Material: Metal Tin

◦ Size: L 5.5 Dia x H 6 cm

◦ Shape: Sphere

 Usage: Multi- Purpose such as Storing chocolates, cookies, jewellery, stationery, pins, SD cards, cosmetics, travel products & day to day tiny essentials

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Car Sphere Mini Storage Box – Assorted

 Key Features:

∙ Made of metal tin material sphere in shape with attractive print and available in mini compact size, will bring a touch of elegance to store mini stuffs

∙ Use it for organise or storing chocolates, tiny jewellery, stationery, & mini day to day essentials,etc. 

∙ You can also use it as a gift box.

∙ Random design and color.

∙ This colorful mini tin box is lightweight, nice, cute, exquisite and fashionable design. ∙ Small in size and does not occupy space. So used suitable for small things 

∙ Quality product that’s ideal as a compact container for tea, coffee, tea bags and other foodstuffs or as a gift box. 

∙ It can also be used as storage for jewelry, candies, coins, and headphones.

∙ Multi Purpose Ideal for storing pills, jewllery articles, small items, screws, precious items, diamond, gold items, infinite uses as per individuals choice and requirements

Note: Minor dent in the tin boxes due to transportation are not considered as damage, as it is delicate product


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