BTS Action Figure With Keychain – Assorted


◦ Product Name: BTS Action Figure With Keychain – assorted

◦ Material: PVC & Resin

◦ Size: 5.9-7.6cm

 Plating: Eco-Friendly 

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x BTS Action Figure With Keychain – assorted


 The figure model set is made of high-quality materials, which are durable and sturdy, safe and non-toxic, wear-resistant, anti-fall, corrosion-resistant, with long service life

∙ You can place it on the desk in the living room, or corridor to add fun to your home. This toy set is collectible and can be used as an ornament in the closet to add a different style to your room

∙ In addition to being used as an ordinary desktop decoration, it can also be used as a cake decoration. It is an ideal choice for birthday cakes, engagement cakes, and baby showers

∙ Spend your family time full of joy, and make the parent-children relationship more closely. And children and toddlers love these toys to play with or decorate their room with these doll models

∙ This is an ideal collectible gift. Suitable for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, parties, and other holiday gifts to your friends, family, classmates, etc. It will instantly attract their attention and win their likes


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