Blade Less Portable Hand Fan with Light – Assorted


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◦ Product Name: Blade Less Portable Hand Fan with Light – Assorted 

◦ Material: ABS Plastic

◦ Controlling Mode: Manual

◦ Air supply mode: Blade Less

◦ Power Source: USB rechargeable 

◦ Type: Portable Hand fan, Ventilation Fan

◦ Wind Type: Standard Wind

◦ Power (W):5V

◦ Rotary Vane Quantity: None 

◦ Input: DC5V-0.3A

◦ Light: LED color light

◦ Usage: Outdoor, Travel, Home

 Items included in package

Package Included: 1 x Blade Less Portable Hand Fan with Light + 1 Usb cable – Assorted 

 Key Features:

∙ Keep yourself calm and cool with this cute mini portable USB fan. 

∙ It is great to keep at your office desk or study table at home. It is lightweight and made of good quality plastic You can easily carry it with you wherever you go. 

∙ It is USB rechargeable and should be charged for 2-3 hours so that it works for 5 hours efficiently

∙ Blade less with special cute figure style, this fan has no blades like traditional fan, it is a good gift for your kids.

∙ It works very differently from conventional fans, feel the cool wind and enjoy a healthy life.

∙ Blade less design safe for kids

∙ ABS environmental protection materials. 

 The wind is strong and does not hurt the hand. And noise less.

∙ Stylish appearance, light and convenient, durable power, cool and quiet, easy to carry.

 Comes along with USB cable to charge the fan when ever battery is down

∙ Long lasting Life


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